From the Blog: Tips For the Photo Shoot

So you are getting your senior pictures, head shot, family photos or a couple’s shoot.  You are SO excited.  What is the number one thing you DO NOT do?  Research.  Most people plan their outfits, their hair, and their make up but what about poses, back grounds, props, facial expressions, and the dreaded. . . . hands.  WHAT DO WE DO ABOUT OUR HANDS????????  We will give you a few tips and tricks so you will feel more confident in your next photo session.  It’s super easy.  It is all about YOU so LOVE on it and enjoy it!

PHOTO SHOOT TIME:  What do we need?  YOU.  Hair and make-up?  CHECK.  Location?  CHECK.  But that is about as far as we get as photo subjects, isn’t it?  We really hope the photographer will “direct” us and we will look like we have envisioned in our mind’s eye.  It’s wishful thinking and sometimes it can turn out just that way.  But other times. . . .it doesn’t.  And we like to blame. . . . the photographer.  Because after all – they are the director, right????



We are too and we are the photographers!


Here are a few tips and tricks to help you sort your way through what really should be a fun experience (and I hate my pictures taken so I really get it).

  1. Questions       You will find that your photographer will probably ask you a lot of strange questions before the shoot.  What are you interests? what are you wanting these pictures for? What are your hobbies?  Where do you spend time? What locations are you thinking of?  Do you like the outdoors?  Do you like the indoors?  What locations MEAN something to you? Are you looking for a new job, promotion, new business cards, billboards? What colors speak to you?  What colors do you wear most often? Do you like cars, books, animals. . .ect?  Almost sounds like a first date, right?  Well, it kind of is.  The more we know about you, the better we can make you look.  If you can communicate what you want EXACTLY then you will more than likely end up with EXACTLY what you have in your mind’s eye.  The more specific, the better!
  2. Location        The location matters!  If you are getting a head shot done for your new business cards you need to know what color your cards will be so you can choose an appropriate background.  Do you need solid, color, outdoors?  The same for your clothing.  Are you a sales person, realtor, doctor, lawyer?  All of this matters because a lawyer probably doesn’t want trees in the background but a realtor might?  Make sense?  Same goes for the senior graduating from high school.  Where did you spend your time?  You don’t want to get your pictures taken at lake if you hiked in the desert your entire high school career.  Or if you are a cheerleader you may want to get some pictures done in the gym or field in which you practiced or performed.  It may seem tiresome NOW because you have spent (what feels like) your entire life in that gym, but in 20 years, THAT is exactly what you are going to want to see.
  3. YOUR FACE       This is HUGE.  If you REALLY REALLY REALLY want to love your pictures, you need to REALLY REALLY REALLY love YOUR face.  We do not spend much time with our faces unless we are getting ready in the morning looking in the mirror or taking a selfie.  Before a photo shoot, lock yourself in the bathroom and really study and fall in love with your face.  Make different expressions so you feel comfortable smiling and scowling at the camera.  The more you understand your expressions, the more you will feel confident in making the right one for your photographs.
  4. YOUR BODY       I want to be thinner.  Not gonna lie.  A lot of my lady friends feel the same.  NO shame in it.  It’s a fact.  To get the most out of your photos, have a candid discussion about the body parts you feel uncomfortable with.  Photographers can make things go away and if you are comfortable with that, talk to them about it.  Now if you want to look like you did in high school and you are over 30, that is getting a little weird but have the discussion to see what can happen.  I take my own self portraits a lot because I am very sensitive about getting my photo taken – it’s hard to find a “serious” picture of me because I goof off in front of the camera because of my own sensitivity.  So when I take my own, I may shrink my double chin and remove a mark on my face.  I know what bothers me because I live with me.  I am betting you know too, so let your photographer know so we can work some magic and you will be so much happier.

We’ll stop here for today.  It’s a lot.  I know.  Let’s get snapping some photos you will love for years to come!